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20Oct 13
Boy Adding Toothpaste To Brush

Toothpaste Does More than You Think

Every morning and every evening you should do one important thing: brush your teeth. It's not usually something you think about, as it's probably been drilled into your head since…

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15Oct 13
Dentist Looking At X-ray Images

Seeing the invisible: Dental X-rays

When you go in for your twice-yearly check up, you expect an examination and a cleaning. While sitting in the chair, the dentist can examine your teeth, and a technician…

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24Sep 13
Toothache Pain Girl In Olathe

I Have a Toothache – What Do I Do?

There's a word nobody likes to hear. It's the kind of word that carries a great deal of anxiety and worry for sufferers. Unfortunately, a toothache is something that many…

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