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20Oct 13
Boy Adding Toothpaste To Brush

Toothpaste Does More than You Think

Every morning and every evening you should do one important thing: brush your teeth. It's not usually something you think about, as it's probably been drilled into your head since…

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15Oct 13
Dentist Looking At X-ray Images

Seeing the invisible: Dental X-rays

When you go in for your twice-yearly check up, you expect an examination and a cleaning. While sitting in the chair, the dentist can examine your teeth, and a technician…

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24Sep 13
Toothache Pain Girl In Olathe

I Have a Toothache – What Do I Do?

There's a word nobody likes to hear. It's the kind of word that carries a great deal of anxiety and worry for sufferers. Unfortunately, a toothache is something that many…

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20May 13
Healthy Summer Smoothie For Kids

Healthy Summer Snacks for Kids

It finally looks as if the cold weather has left Overland Park and the surrounding Kansas City area. It's hard to believe that we were watching snow fall only two…

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